Skills Required of a Court Reporter


Court reporting is a very important part of the legal process. It is where a person transcribes or takes down the recorded or spoken legal speeches and testimonies into written word for documentation or future references and evidences. Those who perform court reporting are the ones who provide and produce the transcripts from court hearings, depositions, and other legal transcripts. Training for this type of job often requires academic coursework and other specific jobs which would require further studies and training.

Because of the importance and weight of what court reporting can do to every legal hearing, it is vital that a court reporter posses certain skills and characteristics in order to not only succeed but to excel in this profession.

  1. Being accurate – attention to detail along with a conscious awareness to the finer points of certain subjects (such as legal and medical language, business law, and proper English grammar), are very important in a court reporter. Every court reporter should have immense vocabulary, familiar with slang or unusual words and jargons that may be used in court.
  2. Being diligent – having perseverance and strong drive to work hard is expected of a court reporter. It is important for court reporting to consistently work towards a goal, as this profession requires constant practice.
  3. Being able to take information and write fast – speed is vital in a court reporter. Along with accuracy, being able to document the spoken word in real time requires a lot of practice and training. Because it is the court reporters job to document the hearing, he or she should be able to type faster than a person speaks, able to identify the speakers and add narrative notes.
  4. Being able to concentrate – concentrating on documenting the whole trial requires a lot of effort. With so many things going on, a court reporter should not be distracted with the emotions that will be present in the court.

Court reporting can be a very lucrative profession, but just as with any other profession, it requires skill and practice. There are many attributes that can make an excellent court reporter, and but these skill and characteristics can be learned and developed. There is presently a shortage of court reporters, so knowing what to look for your legal proceedings is essential in having the best legal support.

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