Preventing Your Gun from Overheating


Guns are designed to withstand an enormous amount of pressure and heat. However, guns also have limitations that you should watch out for. For instance, there is a possibility that the barrel of a gun would overheat. In some cases, they may even catch fire. To prevent your barrel from overheating or catching fire, here are the things that you may consider:

Fire slowly

Imagine forcing a bullet out of a small tube with immense pressure. When you auto fire or fire rapidly, the heat the pressure creates on every fire could be enough to turn your barrel red. There have even been instances that the barrel drooped and misaligned, causing permanent damage. So when you are firing, remember to fire in moderate succession.

Look for signs

One way to tell if your barrel cannot take any more heat is when it is starting to turn red. Although this may rarely be the case, it could be possible if you fire in very quick succession. However, if your barrel overheats during regular use, chances are your product is defective. Have your product checked by an experienced gun shop to know whether your ammo is defective or not.

Wait for it to cool down

If you notice any sign of overheating, the best way to prevent further damage is to let your ammo cool down. This is especially important among guns with lighter barrels.

Have a good barrel

Standard barrels nowadays are lined with chrome to avoid meltdown. There are also certain barrels designed to efficiently dissipate heat. According to the website of Suppressed Weapon Systems, barrels that have more surface area are more effective in preventing temperature from rising too quickly, which prevents your barrel from melting down. Such innovation can make your barrel more heat-resistant, but even so shooting really fast may still damage it and may even harm the gun itself.

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