Handling Child Support Payments


Divorce is something that is never easy, especially for couples who have children. On top of the two people who are getting divorced, they must also contend with the feelings of their entire family. This is a balancing act that must be done right to ensure the health and well-being of the family as a unit, as well as that of the child.

One thing that doesn’t make any part of the divorce process any easier is child support. When making the arrangements to pay and receive child support, a lot of parents struggle to find the right amount of money to settle for.

On one hand, the child deserves the best life possible. But on the other hand, the parent who is making the payments must also be able to support themselves.

Changes after the initial agreement

There are two main issues that can arise after the original papers are signed. These involve modifying the original child support agreement and enforcing the agreement. Both enforcing the agreement and making changes to it are vital steps in maintaining a happy and healthy child.

When considering either of these factors, it’s no wonder so many parents stress out about child support! This is a difficult situation for anyone to be in, so it’s optimal to have a lawyer who can help the family find their footing.

A child’s changing lifestyle

Changes to the original financial agreement can – and should – occur throughout the child’s life. As the child grows up, their needs change and these changes need to be accounted for financially. As such, it’s a good idea to be flexible with child support payments and to prepare for any changes that could potentially occur.

A reduction or loss of wages

In addition to the needs of the child changing, the abilities of the paying parent may change over time. Injury, unemployment, or declining health are all factors that can make it difficult for a parent to make the originally agreed-upon payment. While this is not an ideal scenario for anyone involved, the parent who is making the child support payment should be able to get back on their feet during times of financial instability.

Evading payment

Aside from this, there is also the issue of nonpayment. A parent may be unable to make payments on time or maybe intentionally avoiding making them. For whatever reason, this lack of payment places an undue burden on the other parent, who may struggle to support the child on their own.

Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to meet with a lawyer to settle upon the initial child support agreement, but not a lot of people consider the upkeep associated with such an agreement.

Maintaining communication with a child support lawyer like the lawyers at Alexander & Associates helps to make the process of amending the original agreement less painful. At the very least, it can help smooth any subtle issues over before they snowball into a big problem.

Why Bikers Make the Best Biker Lawyers


Everyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle knows the risks. We all know the statistics. If we didn’t look them up ourselves, some concerned friend has been sure to do so. Motorcycles are the essence of American freedom, but when an accident happens, it’s often serious. That means we’re more likely to need legal assistance than other motorists.

But who do you trust with a potential case against that truck or car that caused your injury? It’s a difficult decision right at a moment when you aren’t in a great position to make difficult decisions.

So, here’s my advice: go with a lawyer who is also a biker, such as The Biker Lawyers. Why? There are plenty of reasons, but I’ll try to highlight just a few.

Most importantly, a biker will understand you better than a regular lawyer. While plenty of lawyers know how to pursue a motorcycle accident case, most of them aren’t a part of the motorcycling world. They don’t own a bike. They don’t ride. They don’t have anything to do with it. So, they get the law, but they don’t get you.

When you’re injured and hurting, and when you need justice, you want a lawyer that gets you. You also want a lawyer that cares. You’re far more likely to find that when your lawyer is a fellow biker. They care about your accident because they know it could have happened to them. They want to get justice for you and keep the road safer because it keeps them safer.

In other words, they’ve been there. Or they imagine they could be there. They know about your injuries because they’ve had serious injuries or they know people who have had such serious injuries. They are invested in every aspect of your case already because it’s part of their lives as well.

A biker lawyer combines a knowledge of the law with a knowledge of motorcycles and the motorcycling world. They care more because it’s a world they are invested in. They also understand your situation better because they know they could be the next ones in your situation. That level of dedication, understanding, and sympathy is priceless when you’re dealing with serious injuries and huge bills.

When you’ve got a potential case against someone who injured you while you were riding, you have plenty of options for your lawyer. That can make it feel like a pretty overwhelming process with simply too many options on the table. So, my advice is to limit the number of potential lawyers upfront by asking each one if they ride or not. If they don’t, move on until you find someone who gets you, gets your accident, and wants to fight for you.

An ode to the box


Boxes are perhaps the last thing you would ever think to think about on an average day. The corrugated cardboard box is one of the great inventions of the late 19th century, and it continues to be useful today. Don’t believe me? Think of all the places you see boxes: in the back of grocery stores, in the back of clothing stores, in the back of just about every store imaginable. Boxes are used in offices, in factories, and in just about every garage in the world. Boxes are the go-to way to move items in and out of almost every home on the planet.

The corrugated cardboard box is used to ship just about every product out there. It’s used by corporations, by NGOs, and by governments. The box, essentially, is the primary way we ship…everything. What would the world be like without it?

The world managed to get as far as 1890 without the cardboard box. It was then that Robert Gair accidentally stumbled upon them. Until then, from 1817 onward, people had been shipping with paperboard boxes, which even by the sound of them, seem flimsy and far less useful than cardboard. By 1895, corrugated cardboard boxes were being made, and the rest is history.

Yes, that’s right. The cardboard box has a start date. It didn’t come around with the wheel and the invention of fire. Like many things such as sliced bread, most people don’t think that something like a box had an inventor. To most people, the box is so prevalent in their lives, they just assume it was always there.

The box hasn’t actually changed much since then. There have been other inventions, however, that have made it even more useful. Styrofoam allowed for greater protection to items inside. Various forms of tape and glues helped bind the box together better. There have been inventions that help track boxes like barcodes. But through it all, the invention of the late 19th century has remained just about the same.

It’s such an under-appreciated object, and yet it is so very useful to us. Think of all the ways you can pack boxes, all the things you can store in them, all the uses for them (who didn’t enjoy a box fort as a kid?).

On top of it all, boxes are pretty easy on the environment. They are made mostly from recyclable materials, and they are at the same time themselves recyclable.

All that use and they hardly have an environmental footprint. How many other objects can you say that about?

So, let’s all take a moment to praise the box, an invention so crucial to our lives, we assume it simply always existed, an object that is lightweight, easily produced, and ubiquitous in our lives. Thank you box, where would we be without you?

Motorcycles Need Liability Insurance Too


Not many people know that they need liability insurance for their motorcycles, but just about every state in the US requires motorists to have at least the minimum insurance before they are allowed to used their vehicles and be on the road. This is because even the safest and defensive drivers may be involved in an accident because of other motorists that share the roads with them. Having liability insurance protects not only you but also the people who are involved in the accident. Regardless of whether you think you are a law0abiding motorist, it is still an important responsibility to have adequate insurance when you are driving on the road.

Liability insurance, along with the many additional insurance coverages, is more than just are legal responsibility. It is also a sound investment, because accidents can be very costly. Aside from accidents, such motorcycle insurance can help you with repairs and replacements that may be needed due to theft, natural disasters, and anything else. Just as with any of your important and special possessions, your motorcycle needs special protection.

If you want specific insurance coverage that caters to your special needs, Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® suggests getting as many insurance quotes as you can get. This would allow you to determine which ones would work for you. When you are talking with your insurance agent, think about you will have to pay should your motorcycle be damaged or stolen. Talk about the medical and liability coverage you might need and how much you should pay for, along with possible discount you might be qualified for. Also, consider the reputation of the insurance company and how their service has made their clients happy and satisfied. Lastly, talk about the process of filing and settling a claim, and how long it can be.

Insurance companies often look into a number of factors before offering or settling for an insurance coverage with their clients. They look into your age, your residence, the type of vehicle you are getting insurance for, your driving records, and even whether you have completed a rider-safety training course. These factors can make your insurance premiums go either higher or lower.

Anxiety Disorders


Everyone experiences situations in their life that cause them to feel anxious, such as a big job interview or starting school. However, when anxiety becomes debilitating, an individual may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is the most common mood disorder, affecting 1 in 5 adults or 20% of Americans, according The Solace Center website.

Anxiety disorders are characterized by feelings of worry that control or inhibit your daily life, including your job and relationships. Symptoms of an anxiety disorder may include unreasonable stress, racing and unwanted thoughts, fatigue, and irritability. Although everyone experiences stress in their life, those suffering from anxiety disorders may have irrational stress in relation to the event that is causing their anxiety. For example, a person with anxiety disorder may not be able to function in a normal social situation due to high levels of worry. Anxiety disorders can also trigger panic attacks, which are episodes in which an individual feels that they do not have control over their body and experience chest pain, sweating, and difficulty breathing.

Treatment for anxiety disorders can vary depending on the severity of symptoms as well as family history regarding the disorder. Generally, people tend to take some form of medication in addition to seeking therapeutic help. Therapy can greatly help people with anxiety by giving them coping skills to manage their disorder. Although anxiety disorders can greatly affect an individual, with proper treatment, a person can control their anxiety.

Preventing Your Gun from Overheating


Guns are designed to withstand an enormous amount of pressure and heat. However, guns also have limitations that you should watch out for. For instance, there is a possibility that the barrel of a gun would overheat. In some cases, they may even catch fire. To prevent your barrel from overheating or catching fire, here are the things that you may consider:

Fire slowly

Imagine forcing a bullet out of a small tube with immense pressure. When you auto fire or fire rapidly, the heat the pressure creates on every fire could be enough to turn your barrel red. There have even been instances that the barrel drooped and misaligned, causing permanent damage. So when you are firing, remember to fire in moderate succession.

Look for signs

One way to tell if your barrel cannot take any more heat is when it is starting to turn red. Although this may rarely be the case, it could be possible if you fire in very quick succession. However, if your barrel overheats during regular use, chances are your product is defective. Have your product checked by an experienced gun shop to know whether your ammo is defective or not.

Wait for it to cool down

If you notice any sign of overheating, the best way to prevent further damage is to let your ammo cool down. This is especially important among guns with lighter barrels.

Have a good barrel

Standard barrels nowadays are lined with chrome to avoid meltdown. There are also certain barrels designed to efficiently dissipate heat. According to the website of Suppressed Weapon Systems, barrels that have more surface area are more effective in preventing temperature from rising too quickly, which prevents your barrel from melting down. Such innovation can make your barrel more heat-resistant, but even so shooting really fast may still damage it and may even harm the gun itself.

Child Custody in Iowa: Legal Custody and Physical Care


Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging process. Couples who decided to end their marriage have to make plenty of decisions on top of dealing with the emotionally tense situation they are already dealing with. These considerations become even more difficult for couples who have children. Among such considerations is being able to agree on a child custody arrangement.

In Iowa, there are two general types of child custody arrangement. Divorcing parents can choose between legal custody and physical care or custody. They can come to an agreement about their child care arrangement on their own, or take the case to a judge if they are unable to come to an amicable agreement.

In the first option, parents with legal custody of a child earn the right to make decisions about important matters in the life of minor children. A parent with legal custody can decide on a child’s education, health care plan, and other crucial necessities and set ups. Divorcing parents can be granted joint legal custody—meaning that both spouses retain their legal right to make parental decisions—or sole legal custody. The latter option is usually applicable to situations involving domestic violence or abuse, where continuing contact with the other parent can be harmful for the child.

On the other hand, through a physical care or physical custody arrangement, the court names one parent as solely responsible for primary physical care. This means the child will be living with one parent for majority of the time, while the other parent gets visitation rights. Physical custody is typically awarded to the parent considered to be the primary caretaker during the marriage. There are also instances when a judge rules for a joint physical custody arrangement and allows both parents equal amounts of time with their children. This decision will depend on a few factors, including the parents’ ability to be cordial and respectful of each other.

Divorcing parents have plenty to consider as they go through the end of their marriage. Sometimes, these considerations involve difficult decisions that are best left to the court. In cases of child custody disagreements, Iowa residents can ease the process and learn more about their legal options by contacting a divorce lawyer in Cedar Rapids.

Preventing Toxic Exposure in the Workplace


Industrial and manual workers in fields such as construction, manufacturing, and mining often face plenty of risks in their workplace. Unfortunately, these jobs involve hazardous tasks and equipment that could lead to devastating accidents. Among the dangers they commonly face is the risk to toxic exposure.

Constant and prolonged exposure to hazardous chemicals can inflict harm and lead to devastating physical symptoms, especially when proper safety regulations aren’t practiced. For one, it’s important that each employee dealing with such substances are properly suited in protective gear to avoid direct contact with the harmful materials they’re working with. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), under the Department of Labor, have also made several recommendations to control and minimize the occurrence of toxic exposure in the workplace.

According to OHSA, prescribing protective gear and equipment is not enough to protect workers from harmful exposures. The next step should involve updating administrative and work practice controls to make the entire process even more safe and efficient. One way this can be done is by rotating tasks or adjusting certain work schedules so that no worker remains overexposed to a toxic material.

Employers should also change certain engineering controls to better contain the hazards involved in the job. For example, isolating or enclosing the process where hazardous substances are involved can help reduce unnecessary exposure in the entire work area. However, for OHSA, the best solution is eliminating the risk of exposure altogether through the use of substitute materials.

When taken into practice, these simple recommendations can help reduce the risk of toxic exposure in the workplace. Employers have the responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees. With proper precautions and regulations, they can help prevent devastating accidents and injuries such as poisoning and chemical burns from happening.

If you or anyone you know is currently suffering from the harmful effects of toxic exposure in the workplace, it’s important to seek out legal counsel and learn which actions you can take. Your options and avenues will differ depending on which state you live. Contact an experienced lawyer in your area.

How to Spot An Abusive Nursing Home


It can often be difficult to determine whether someone is being held in abusive care. These cases are sometimes not even reported due to the fact that the victims of abuse fear retaliation or punishment from the abuser. Sometimes, there are no telltale physical signs of it upon the victim such as bruises or lacerations. It can be a difficult thing to prove and sometimes, even the abused do not know that they are currently in an abusive situation.

Take, for example, abuse in nursing homes.

Nursing homes are expected to hold themselves to a certain standard of care. They are expected to be properly staffed with people who are competent and qualified; these homes should be furnished with sufficient, effective medication and technology. It can be a stressful situation enough as it is, to decide to put your elderly loved ones into a home – but if you carry a lifestyle wherein you are not capable of providing them with the care they need and deserve, nursing homes are often more advisable and more beneficial that way. However, there are some homes that fail to exhibit the proper care that is expected of them – even going so far as to being abusive to the people they are meant to be looking after.

Citing the website of the Abel Law Firm, some of the telltale signs that a particular nursing home could be that staff members are intentionally unhelpful with certain inquiries or that several spots of the facility are closed off for reasons undisclosed; other signs that a particular nursing home is not quite up to standards is that your loved one is experiencing increasingly degrading health conditions or has sudden scars, cuts, bruises, or other physical implications of violence on their bodies.

If you believe that your loved one has suffered abuse from a nursing home, it is advisable that you seek legal aid immediately in order to further develop and determine if justifiable legal action is an option for you.

Consequences of a Severance Agreement in New York


New York is an employment-at-will state, meaning that unless otherwise specified, employers may terminate the employment of a worker without having to provide “just cause.” Severance pay is also not required by law; it is a voluntary act by an employer, unless there is a contract in place that specifies severance pay as part of the employment, or if the employer habitually provides severance pay. In any case, if a severance agreement is offered to an employee, some important legal consequences must be kept in mind.

A severance agreement and release usually states that the employee agrees not to make a claim or file a grievance against the company, officers, affiliates and other employees in exchange for financial and other benefits as specified in the agreement. This means that the employee relinquishes all rights to take any legal actions against the employer for their termination, even if there are grounds for a complaint such as discrimination or other labor violations. This is a huge concession to make, and should not be made lightly.

Other severance agreements may also have a non-disclosure or non-competitive clause which means the terminated employee may not work for a competitor or in the same industry for a certain period of time. This can make it difficult for the employee to find work, especially in the present economic situation.

Severance agreements carry significant consequences for the employee, so a labor lawyer should be consulted before the agreement is finalized and signed. It is perfectly acceptable for an employee to request for time to study the agreement and to negotiate the terms. It has to be remembered that it will release the company from any claims that may be made against them, so the compensation offered should be commensurate to the rights being given up. When consulting with a lawyer, make sure to provide copies of the employee handbook, employment contracts if any, and the contact information of relevant past and present employees who may provide insight on what the severance agreement should include.

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