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Why Bikers Make the Best Biker Lawyers


Everyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle knows the risks. We all know the statistics. If we didn’t look them up ourselves, some concerned friend has been sure to do so. Motorcycles are the essence of American freedom, but when an accident happens, it’s often serious. That means we’re more likely to need legal assistance than other motorists.

But who do you trust with a potential case against that truck or car that caused your injury? It’s a difficult decision right at a moment when you aren’t in a great position to make difficult decisions.

So, here’s my advice: go with a lawyer who is also a biker, such as The Biker Lawyers. Why? There are plenty of reasons, but I’ll try to highlight just a few.

Most importantly, a biker will understand you better than a regular lawyer. While plenty of lawyers know how to pursue a motorcycle accident case, most of them aren’t a part of the motorcycling world. They don’t own a bike. They don’t ride. They don’t have anything to do with it. So, they get the law, but they don’t get you.

When you’re injured and hurting, and when you need justice, you want a lawyer that gets you. You also want a lawyer that cares. You’re far more likely to find that when your lawyer is a fellow biker. They care about your accident because they know it could have happened to them. They want to get justice for you and keep the road safer because it keeps them safer.

In other words, they’ve been there. Or they imagine they could be there. They know about your injuries because they’ve had serious injuries or they know people who have had such serious injuries. They are invested in every aspect of your case already because it’s part of their lives as well.

A biker lawyer combines a knowledge of the law with a knowledge of motorcycles and the motorcycling world. They care more because it’s a world they are invested in. They also understand your situation better because they know they could be the next ones in your situation. That level of dedication, understanding, and sympathy is priceless when you’re dealing with serious injuries and huge bills.

When you’ve got a potential case against someone who injured you while you were riding, you have plenty of options for your lawyer. That can make it feel like a pretty overwhelming process with simply too many options on the table. So, my advice is to limit the number of potential lawyers upfront by asking each one if they ride or not. If they don’t, move on until you find someone who gets you, gets your accident, and wants to fight for you.