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How Long Do Mass Tort Cases Take?

How Long Do Mass Tort Cases Take?

How long a mass tort claim will take largely depends on each case’s specific facts and circumstances. For example, if thousands of plaintiffs all seek compensation for similar injuries, it could take longer to settle than if there are only a handful of plaintiffs. Additionally, if the defendants are large companies with deep pockets, they may be more likely to fight the claims in court rather than settle out of court.

Asbestos-related mass tort claims have been pending in court for decades, so some claims may take many years to resolve. But, ultimately, it depends on the individual case and the parties involved.

While every mass tort case is different, they often share some common characteristics. First, they tend to involve many plaintiffs who have all been injured in some way by a defective product or harmful substance.

Second, the cases usually involve complex legal issues that can take years to resolve. And finally, mass tort cases often involve significant amounts of money, making the process even more complicated and lengthier.

Mass tort litigation timelines

Mass torts are a strong litigation strategy for plaintiffs who can combine resources against a comparable defendant. Unlike an isolated personal injury lawsuit, which goes through the court system in a few weeks or months, mass torts are considerably more complicated with their numerous plaintiffs.

It takes a significant amount of time to examine and gather evidence to demonstrate each claimant’s injuries. Furthermore, mass torts have numerous special procedures that need time and money. In addition, there are several case management and status meetings, document sharing between parties, motions, and the selection of bellwether trial cases.

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The Typical Mass Tort Process

The steps in a mass tort lawsuit are generally similar, regardless of the specifics of your case.

  • The plaintiffs’ attorneys will first study medical records, testimonies, and other evidence connected to the injuries they have sustained. This aids the attorneys in establishing the plaintiff’s claims and identifying the hazardous product and damages.
  • The lawyers will next examine each plaintiff’s evidence for consistency. They’ll look for links in injuries across all cases, which aids in calculating compensation.
  • Third, the lawyers will file the claim as multidistrict litigation (MDL) in federal court, which expedites the processing of each lawsuit.
  • After filing, a selected number of shares will proceed to bellwether trials. These trials are used to examine how the court would rule on each case and what other plaintiffs may anticipate.
  • Finally, the attorneys will discuss with the defendant to reach an agreement. If a plaintiff does not obtain a sufficient payment, the case will go to trial, where the court will assess each claim’s worth.


These instances might take a year or more to conclude, but it is essential to begin the process. For example, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries if you suffered an accident due to a hazardous drug or substandard goods.