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4 Tips To Avoid Driving Under The Influence

4 Tips To Avoid Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence is a serious problem that can have devastating consequences. Studies show that around one out of every ten drivers in America is driving drunk at any given time. That’s an alarming number!

This blog post will give you four tips to avoid driving while intoxicated and keep yourself safe on the road.

1) Don’t drive drunk.¬†

This is pretty obvious and may be difficult for some people to follow through with, but it’s the best way to avoid driving under the influence in the first place! If you are going out drinking, have a designated driver or make alternate travel arrangements such as taking an Uber ride home.

2) If you are pulled over, be honest with the officer.

If an officer pulls you over and suspects that you may have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will ask for your license and registration right away, as well as do a sobriety test. If there is any suspicion whatsoever, it’s best to tell them where you have been drinking and the amount of alcohol you consumed.

3) Say No To Your Friends When They Ask You To Drink.

If you plan a hangout with friends where drinks will be served, it’s important to say No without any second thoughts. It may be difficult for you to say something like that if it’s someone close or an old friend that you’re meeting after a long time, but in general, it’s always better safe than sorry!

4) Remember that while alcohol may have an intoxicating effect and make you feel better, it also impairs your judgment.

For example, a sober person would never think about driving their car around without any headlights on at night or speed down the highway in 80 mph traffic. However, if they are under the influence of alcohol, then those things might seem like a good idea.

If you get caught while driving under the influence, the only way out is by hiring an expert traffic violation lawyer like Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates who knows his way around with the legal system. So, you can either choose to follow the steps mentioned above or look for a lawyer who can help you get out of jail. Pick your option wisely.